Brunel University London and the MATCH Programme invite you to participate in this survey on consumers’ mobile phone preferences. Our research aims to obtain information on mobile phone users’ thoughts about a set of mobile phone features. This will help us to understand how much the aesthetics or the usability of a mobile phone can affect consumers’ selection of a device model.

The survey is divided into 2 sections. Each section seeks your opinion about the usability, the aesthetics and the price/monthly cost of a new model of mobile phone:

  • SECTION 1. Demographic survey (10 items).
  • SECTION 2. (divided into 5 subsections). About the relative importance of different mobile phone features (30 items).

NOTE: In each section all the fields are mandatory. If you miss one field, the system will indicate to you the missed field

Filling the survey will take you less than 20 minutes . You can be selected to receive one of the following prizes for completing the survey*:

  • £30 voucher
  • £15 voucher
  • £10 voucher

*To participate in the raffle and receive one of the above prizes, please leave your name, surname and email contact at the end of the survey. The winner will be selected from among all the participants after the 31 July 2013.

Your answers and your personal data will be stored by and will be accessible only by Dr. Simone Borsci (main researcher). The data will be used only for scientific purposes and will be deleted 6 months after the study ends (31 July 2013).

Please click on the link below to start the survey:


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